Marketing Audit Webinar

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Marketing Analytics

Improve your marketing effectiveness when you start with an audit

You’ve created marketing campaigns to promote the business. Using your marketing skills, you have followed an editorial calendar, defined your audience, written regular emails, and posted to the best social media channels. And yet, the business’ revenue is making little movement. Perhaps you’ve fallen into the “set it and forget it” trap.

This is an ideal time for a marketing audit. A digital marketing audit will help you uncover trends in your marketing efforts and some of the details critical to your product or service.

Join Candice DeRiso, Beckmann Collaborative, and Chitra Iyer, Kairoz Partners


During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The elements of a good marketing audit
  • Knowing when to ask for outside help
  • How to regularly evaluate your marketing efforts
  • Metrics and measurement

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